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Free services - Discovery Tasks 


During the Initial Consultation and Prior to the First Session

During the course of the Initial Consultation we will discuss your needs and expectations and the way we can make the coaching or therapeutic partnership work for you. We may agree some tasks and discovery activities to complete together during the consultation          and you may choose to separately complete some prior to the first session to get the process started:

  • I will ensure you have a Client Disclosure and Agreement  to read and sign. This is a useful and informative document which also formally sets out our respective rights and responsibilities. This is an essential requirement for the partnership to proceed.

  • I will ask you to write down or talk me through a Brief Personal History including any details you are happy to share in a safe, confidential, professional setting. You will have the opportunity to jot down or say anything you consider may be useful or relevant in any format or way that feels right for you. This activity may be as long or as short as you like in terms of time or space and include whatever feels, sounds or looks relevant or makes sense to you. 

  • We may decide to complete a Representational System Preference Questionnaire – this is an interesting activity anyone can do. It helps us explore how we internally represent or process experiences and this awareness can give us more understanding of ourselves  in our communication with others. There is no right or wrong way to fill in this questionnaire – we are all different. Some people think in pictures, others talk more to themselves in words or are tuned in to sounds and yet others represent their experience of the world more through feelings. We can all do all of these - we just have preferences. This is an exciting, fascinating aspect of the endless creativity of the human mind in its interpretation of life and is all part of how we make sense of experience!

  • We may decide that it is useful for you to complete a ‘Wheel of Life’ which will encourage you to look at the balance across the different areas of your life and your sense of current fulfillment. This can be very helpful for goal setting.