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I offer a safe nurturing space and positive support for children dealing with both the day to day hurdles and more complex struggles we all experience from time to time . As a Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner and experienced Primary School Teacher, my specialism lies in supporting youngsters to address issues with confidence, anxiety and self-esteem and to help them to develop emotional resilience, meaningful relationships inside and outside of the family and more awareness of how their thinking, behaviour and communication hold the keys to a happy, successful future. The techniques I have been trained to use with children are solution focused and positive. NLP can often effect lasting change in a short space of time on issues children may have struggled with for years, such as fears and phobias, anger issues and trauma from the past.

NLP4Kids - Contact me by telephone or email if you have any questions about how I can help your child. Alternatively, book a FREE consultation online.

NLP4Kids Licensees hold your child's health and safety as their highest concern. In order to become an NLP4Kids Licensee I have undertaken extensive specialist NLP training and have also had an Enhanced DBS check, Safeguarding and Prevent Training and First Aid Training.


As a mum and step mum of teenagers, I recognise the importance for parents and their children to find peace and happiness at home. No two families are the same, but the beauty of NLP is that its techniques can  be used in a wide range of circumstances. Once we have acquired the NLP toolkit, it is always available to us in times of need. NLP provides us with many handy tips and ideas for anchoring positive states and achieving our goals even when times feel tough. My workshops and parenting support sessions offer practical solutions and new communication strategies for parents encountering challenges at home with all ages of children from infants through to teenagers and young adults.


NLP4Parents - Contact me by telephone or email if you have any questions about how I can help you. Alternatively, book a session online.

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