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Words from some of the extraordinary people I have had the pleasure to work with.

I found Tamsin to be an enthusiastic and empathic practitioner. She is highly intuitive and demonstrated a compassionate energy when I worked with her. Tamsin has a warm and friendly demeanour and embodies the right energy for NLP, TLT and Life Coach work. She was very effective at installing motivation in me during our work together and I would highly recommend her.

Paula, NLP Master Practitioner and Psychotherapist, Manchester

She is a professional of great quality who, through hard work and careful preparation sees marked improvement in the adults and children in her care...her pastoral approach earns respect and makes sure all feel secure...her responsibilities are undertaken with enthusiasm and in a way which demonstrates her warm personality and her obvious ability.

Barry, Community Leader, London

Tamsin proved herself to be an excellent practitioner...challenging and setting appropriate targets...thus ensuring good progress. I found Tamsin to be reliable and dedicated, supportive, reflective and professional. She enabled my team to move forward and meet our goals.

Elizabeth, Colleague, London

“Thank you so much for everything today Tamsin. I think being able to speak and hear my words helped me make sense of my feelings and emotions. I was thinking about the whole auditory thing today and it makes so much sense.  So so very interesting! You are a superstar Tamsin and you will go far!”

M, Client, The Deepings

Feedback on  Written Outcomes from Values Elicitation and Goal Setting session -

"I absolutely love this!!!!!! Thank you so, so much. I can't wait to live this out. Today I choose joy!" 

D, Client, Peterborough

Tamsin's role was not an easy one...she brought with her a wealth of experience of working within the education was a major transition she managed very well and she soon became an asset to our organisation. Her method was to focus on the needs of those in her charge to enable them to participate in life as fully as possible. She was a popular manager of her staff team, all of whom held her in high regard.

Lesley, Manager, Essex