Bespoke NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy™ and/or Hypnotherapy adapted to YOUR needs.

The first one hour consultation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Get the Most out of Life - in these sessions we maximise your success by using a combination of change strategies tailored to your specific needs. As and when appropriate and effective for you, I can utilise any of the above techniques

NLP4Kids Private Therapy Sessions - As a Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioner, I offer targeted specialist 1-1 support for Children and Teenagers.

The first one hour consultation is FREE OF CHARGE

Tackle issues your child may have at school or at home and encourage their self -esteem, confidence and emotional resilience. These sessions are tailored specifically to the developmental stage and needs of your child.

NLP4Parents Private Sessions- As a Licensed NLP4Parents Practitioner, I offer specialist sessions to tackle specific parenting challenges.

The first one hour consultation is FREE OF CHARGE.

Develop your parenting skills and create your own definition of harmony and happiness in the home. These sessions give parents room and space to explore individual family dynamics and use NLP strategies to maintain a sense of calm and control within the home.


NLP4Kids Community Workshops - activity based fun targeted to address common challenges faced by children and young people

These fun, specialist workshops are tailored to different age groups and needs. I run workshops for children aged 7 - 16 years old.These workshops are adapted to suit the age of the participants and can also be developed for young people in Post 16 Education.  

The themes of the sessions are flexible to suit the needs of the participants and can range from Managing Anxiety, Managing Exam Stress and Managing Negative Emotions to Building Confidence and Building Communication and Relationship Skills

NLP4Parents Community Workshops

These fun workshops bring parents together. Through the course of the sessions we explore common relationship challenges that arise, discuss individual family dynamics and use NLP strategies to develop new ways of communicating


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