Brass Clock

The Power to Move on from Yesterday

  •  This is your opportunity to change your unwanted past beliefs, habits, feelings and behaviours.

  • After unpicking old, unhelpful patterns NLP Coaching helps you to create new, useful behaviours and teaches you to make your brain really work for you.

  •  NLP Coaching teaches you how to move from stuck to resourceful and how to remove bad feelings from past experiences.   

  •  You can break unwanted habits and permanently remove phobias.

  • Time Line Therapy™ helps you to let go of negative emotions from the past such as anger, sadness, fear hurt and guilt, so you are free to move forward quickly and effortlessly in life.


The Power of Now

  • Through the course of the NLP Coaching relationship you will learn empowering NLP insights. These will positively alter your life.

  • You will learn about how to see situations from new perspectives through the NLP Communication Model and understand the power of the Unconscious Mind.

  • NLP teaches new ways for you to resolve inter-personal and inter-group conflict gives valuable insights about other points of view to aid decision-making and leadership.

  • NLP helps you to become more aware of how you and others make decisions and use this to enhance personal relationships.

  • You can also use this awareness to increase personal congruence and enhance your energy levels through resolution of internal conflict.

  • You can begin to alter the meaning you place on things and events and change unwanted feelings and behaviours. 

  • You will learn to control your feelings and access positive states whenever you need them.

  • This way of thinking helps you to break down options and ideas into manageable chunks.

  • NLP Coaching gives you the support and space to find your confidence and ability to take action and generate new behaviour.

  • Hypnosis and NLP techniques can help you to trust the power of your Unconscious Mind.

  • Through NLP Coaching you can believe in your own power to change and learn to be your own best adviser.

Ray of Light

The Power of Tomorrow

  • Through NLP Coaching you will learn how to create your best future and how to set clear goals and achieve them.

  • You will use your time line to create and get what you want and understand what is driving your decision making.

  • You will break your goals down into milestones for timed results, align your goals with your values at both the conscious and unconscious levels so that your goals and values are not in conflict and are more quickly achievable

  • You will establish endless opportunities for your future through new creative ways of thinking.

  • The NLP Coaching process will help you to align your identity, values, beliefs, capabilities, behaviours and environment to create a compelling recipe for success.