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FREE Services for You - Let's Talk

The Initial Consultation

Once you get in touch with me, we can then arrange an initial consultation.

The online or face to face consultation takes around one hour and is FREE OF CHARGE.

It offers you the opportunity to establish with me what you want to achieve and gives you the chance to ask questions. The consultation gives us time for me to explain my services and for you to see how this coaching, therapy or change work will assist you with meeting your desired outcomes. We can also plan the structure of the sessions ahead so that you can book as many or as few as you need to be confident of achieving your goals. 

This is also an opportunity for me to give you some useful leaflets explaining more about my coaching and therapy  services. 

Together at the Top

Services for You - Let's get Started

The First Session

 This online or face to face session is an opportunity for you to establish in more detail what your goals are and what they mean to you. We look at the skills and resources you have, what new skills you may need and if there are any conscious or unconscious barriers to your success. I will use this time to ask you about yourself, giving you time and space to explore your circumstances and goals or dreams from new angles.

Once we have done this, we can work out a plan. The path to your goal may already appear clearer and broader.  We will begin to loosen and work with any unconscious barriers to your goal and consciously establish what you can achieve. Before you leave, we will also establish some of the milestones that you expect to pass...... and the direction of that exciting next step on your journey. You will be ready!

The Leap

Services for You - Bespoke Life Coaching or Therapy

Follow-Up Sessions

Each subsequent online or face to face session will allow you to review your progress, identify your successes, and analyse any remaining mental or physical barriers so that we can challenge them and you can overcome them. NLP Coaching and the change techniques of Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy give great opportunities to align the conscious and unconscious minds so that we have the absolute optimum circumstances for success. Alignment at this level gives us the best chance of rapid progress and achievement. Many clients need only one or two follow up sessions to achieve and maintain their goals. These sessions also provide a great opportunity for you to review your end goal; to be sure that it remains the right goal for you, or adapt it to your new destination.

The timing of each follow-up session depends very much on you, the level of support you require, the steps you are planning to take and the nature of your end goal. However, I would expect the first follow-up to be no more than two weeks after the first session to ensure that you are on track and to recognise and celebrate the progress that you have made. After that, follow up sessions can often be booked on an ad-hoc basis depending on your personal requirements and changing circumstances.