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Sundays 13 May – 20 May Happy Families - NLP Parenting4Under8s Workshops

At - SOUL HAPPY Wellbeing Centre Peterborough

Ever feel like you are stuck for new ideas in parenting your little ones and creating harmony at home?

Would you like to share a couple of hours with like-minded parents learning excellent Practical NLP Parenting and Communication techniques?

These ideas and strategies are tried and tested ways of building communication and relationship bonds with your little ones within your family unit. Come along and celebrate and share what you already do well whilst learning new ways of building confidence in your own unique parenting style

If you are interested, please contact Tamsin Moore-Jones. Tamsin is a parent, Licensed NLP4Kids and NLP4Parents Practitioner and experienced primary school teacher. These 2 hour taster workshops are only £12 per family. Children are welcome although the session content is for parent participation only. If you bring your child, please bring something to entertain them and keep them busy as the workshop content will be for you as a parent! We can provide basic refreshments and mindfulness colouring activities for children while you remain responsible for their welfare

. What to expect: Session 1 (Sunday 13th May) –

#Communication Happy- Turning Don’ts into Do’s and Stops into Go’s.

In this informal workshop we will be exploring how very small changes in how we communicate in the moment can make a big difference. We will be looking at how using our words and behaviour mindfully brings out the best in ourselves and our children. Life feels happier when we can use our words to turn:

• -Don’ts into Do’s

• -Stop’s into Go’s

• -Responsibilities into Choices

• -No’s into Yes’s

• -Praise into something meaningful and Easy

The world is a happier place when we can use our behaviour and body language to connect with our children more by:

• -Getting down to their Level